How Your Mattress Can Affect Your Health and Sleep Quality


While you might think it’s okay to opt for any sleeping surface in your bedroom, are you aware of how mattresses can affect the quality of your sleep and, consequently, your health? A good night’s rest is what we need after a tiring day, and deep sleep is known to have a rejuvenating effect. Research has shown that a good night’s sleep can increase our body’s regenerative power. Therefore, you should invest in a quality mattress as soon as possible and clean it frequently. If you need help cleaning your mattresses, you can check out the Mattress Cleaning Singapore online.

Poor quality sleep can not only affect productivity but also make us less productive. A comfortable mattress is vital for our health. A 2011 survey found that 92% of Americans believe a good mattress is essential for restful sleep. Here’s how your mattress can affect your health and sleep quality:

Comfortable Sleep Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety


A good mattress can improve your sleeping quality, and you’ll feel more positive energy. Sleeping on a poor-quality mattress can cause stress to build up. Getting too little rest can have serious consequences. Restlessness and tension can increase, as can confusion. Depression and other mental disorders can result from the constant stress or sleep disturbances. This can be prevented by choosing the right mattress. A comfortable mattress can provide restful sleep and relieve stress. It can lift the spirit, promote serenity and peace of mind.

The Right Mattress Can Relieve Your Aches and Pains

The imbalance of downwards gravity or upward resistance can cause pressure points on your body if you can’t lie down for long periods. You will feel sore, and your joints will hurt when you move them. Poorly made beds can cause back pain, hip pain, neck pain, and worse. Quality mattresses provide your body with proper support and promote healthy sleeping habits, and it supports the spine in all positions. A good mattress gives excellent support and distributes your bodyweight evenly. A comfortable mattress also helps reduce or eliminate chronic pain over time.

A Worn-Out Mattress Increases the Risk of Allergies

allergyAllergies are greatly exacerbated by an old mattress in the bedroom. You can imagine hundreds of dust mites living in your old mattress feeding on dead skin cells, grease, and dust particles. Did you know that dust mites are one of the leading causes of asthma and skin allergies like hay fever? Some of the most common symptoms of dust mite allergies are dry skin, nasal irritation, and pimples. People with sensitive skin and asthma are at risk for allergic reactions. Children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems are more at risk. That’s why it’s significant to make sure you have fresh, allergen-free mattresses. The best way to prevent allergies is to buy a new, eco-friendly, germ-resistant mattress. To prevent dust from accumulating, clean them regularly and use mattress protectors.

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