• How To Keep Your Body Healthy?
    How To Keep Your Body Healthy?
  • The High Cost Of Living In The World Shaped By Social Media
    The High Cost Of Living In The World Shaped By Social Media

Six Tips to Lose Weight for Teenagers

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For teenagers shedding unwanted pounds can be both physically and mentally straining. Besides it can lead to several life-threatening illnesses like type two diabetes, elevated blood pressure, breathing issues to mention a few. This post sheds more light on the simple ways to lose weight quickly for teenagers.

Take cocoa

You should have a daily dose of cocoa and ensure that you reduce your sugar intake. Studies show that cocoa is rich in antioxidants compared to most foods and its excellent for most things including weight loss. You don’t have to struggle much lose weight ensure that you include cocoa in your diet as the experts suggest.

Reduce salt intake

vegetable saltIf you are not losing weight despite doing your best, then the chances are that you are consuming a lot of salt. Research shows that salt promotes water retention within the body and perhaps that is the principal reason the numbers on the scale are not dropping down. And that is not all. Salt also makes you feel hungry quickly. Yes, you heard me right! The more salt you eat, the more food you will consume. For this reason, try as much as possible to avoid processed foods like the plague because they are filled with salt. When you reduce your sodium intake, you won’t have a puffy face or a swollen belly. Nutritionists advise that you should replace processed foods with natural foods from your diet.

Chew food properly

Believe it or not, those who eat quickly weigh more than slow eater. It might sound funny but its the ugly truth. Your stomach requires about a half an hour before it sends signals to your brain that you are full. If you eat quickly, the chances are that you might overeat because you will consume more food than required by your body within those thirty minutes. For this reason, you should avoid rushing your meals and eat slowly. Also, don’t forget to chew your food correctly to fasten the process of digestion.


Regular physical activity promotes quick weight loss, particularly among teenagers. Hit the gym, walk, jog, swim and even go for dancing classed to regulate your weight. When exercising always remember not to strain your body as you start because you might get injured. Experts advise that you should increase the intensity of your workouts gradually and not instantly to keep injuries at bay.

Eat at home

You are more likely to eat starch foods with saturated fats when you go to parties or events. Prepare a light snack at home to avoid eating unhealthy foods that will wash all your weight loss efforts down the drain.

glass of water

Drink more water

Weight loss experts suggest that you should drink at least two liters of water daily if you want to lose weight fast. Water has been shown to increase the feeling of satiety and revs up your metabolism to promote the burning of excessive fats. If you have not been drinking water, then make sure that you drink at least eight glasses daily to get that body that you have always desired.


Top drinks that boost your health every day


Drinks are an avenue through which people get to know each other. They also play the famous role of calming down anxiety and worry. Sad to say that we ignore the health part of it. Instead, most of us are only after the pleasure side of drinks. This shouldn’t be the case anymore; good health is priceless. It is difficult for some people to maintain it and see to it that they remain strong at all times. It is time to write a new rule and follow it to the letter. Some drinks can add nutritional value to your health rather than restore it.

Top drinks that boost your health every day

Lemon and water

image sourceThis makes it lemonade, of course! Since the ancient times, lemons have been known to possess many useful properties. Most of them are in relation to our health. Needless to say that a tall glass of lemonade must be taken very often.

This is the only way for you to see a huge positive difference in your health. Health experts advise on the importance of taking this health drink in the wee hours of the morning or hours before goifn to bed. This is because the stomach is empty and ready to absorb all the nutrients found in the drink. The best part is that they are readily available as well as easy on your pocket.

Fruit juice

Nothing beats the hot weather than a glass of cold fresh juice. Unknown to some of us, it is easier to have them blended to perfection. The problem is that most of the time we rarely pay attention to proportion.

Most importantly, a well-blended fruit juice performs healing from the inside out. For instance, consuming five to eight glasses in a day is beneficial to your health. This is mostly because it repairs and restores broken or unhealthy looking skin.

Low-fat milk

fgfghgfhgfhgfhgfhThis drink has been the very first one you ever took. It is said to possess all the properties needed for the healthy growth of an infant. When taken daily, milk can restore one’s health as well as to strengthen your bones.

Milk is highly rich in Calcium which sees the benefit of keeping diseases at bay. Not to mention the fact that it is very delicious too. Most of us have seen in the movies that it helps draw sleep. This is especially so when taken warm.

Vegetable smoothie

It could be carrot juice or even a tantalizing glass of tomato juice. To some, it may not be so tantalizing. To your health, it is. Vegetables have never been our favorite, especially since our childhood days.

As you grow older, you see clearly that your mom does not hate you. In fact, she loves you so much she wants you to be in good health all the time. If you can’t stand the sight of broccoli, why not blend it to make a juice that’s appealing to your eyes?  It will be so hard to say ‘no’ just at the mere sight of it.


You shouldn’t take any of the above drinks for granted. Instead, you should give them the attention that they deserve. Make it a routine to have some of them every day such as milk.


Is it better to do anal bleaching at home?

Anal bleaching has already been in existence for quite some time. After it was first introduced many years ago, its popularity has increased steadily. And today, it is still a growing trend. More and more people, men and women, are getting curious about it. Most of them have greatly benefited from the rectal whitening products that they have used.

How did anal bleaching become popular?

There are several ways to lighten the color of the skin around the anal region. You can either undergo surgery, avail of a spa treatment, or you can also do it at home. Before, such techniques were only for porn stars and strippers. But then, as the adult entertainment industry became readily available, so has the practice of rectal whitening. The viewers started to gain interest in achieving the same look as what they see in films and movies. This gave way to various genital whitening products.

Can you do anal bleaching at home?

Like what was mentioned above, bleaching your asshole can already be done in the comfort and privacy of your home. All you need to do is to select the best bleaching product and follow the instructions. In fact, the DIY technique is more preferred than going to a spa mainly because of privacy reasons.

Is it safe to do it yourself?

hgsagsazxnxcIf it is your first time to deal with intimate area whitening products, it is but natural that you ask if it is safe to do anal bleaching at home. The answer to this actually depends on the cream that you will use. Keep in mind that the bleaching creams that are being advertised nowadays are not created equal. Some are safe and effective while some are not. If you have been paying attention, you will see that there are warnings about the brands that contain hydroquinone because this substance has adverse effects. In fact, products that contain this ingredient have been banned in some countries.

So, when you are searching for a DIY bleaching kit, it is critical that you check the contents.

Which is a better way?

Going to a salon or doing it yourself have pros and cons. The primary advantage of doing the procedure in your home is, of course, its lower cost. Most salons would charge you per session, and you will be required to go in for several applications. So, do the math. You will save more money if you do anal bleaching at home.

The High Cost Of Living In The World Shaped By Social Media

Why is the “eye to eye” communication so rare these days?

No one can say anymore that these are just creative applications handy for having some fun and easier communication. It’s been a while since Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms became an integrated part of everyday’s life of millions worldwide.

The virtual world has captured many who spend time online witnessing updates in lives of family, friends, and acquaintances.

Social media trap

It all maybe started as a great way for instant connection to people and interesting “hanging out”, but nowadays we’re all virtually expressing ourselves, documenting our lives and closely monitor on the others. These interactions trigger myriad shades of emotions. Including the negative ones. No doubt there are many amazing advantages of using social media, but what worries is increased the number of studies indicating the bad influence of virtual world on out emotional and mental state. Understanding of our personal motives for using social websites could reveal various pathology. On the other hand, observing emotional influence these platforms impose onto us could reveal that social media is making us depressive, anxious or lethargic.

Are teens in America suffering “social websites depression”?

Nearly 60% of all Americans have a profile on some social network. Although teenagers and young adults are the most active users, these applications are not reserved for young anymore. 55% Americans aged between 45 and 55 use social networking and devastating 30% of all users check their profile several times a day, seven days in a week. The average number of hours spent online indicates significant attention dedicated to updates in the virtual world. Some aspects of online behavior are quite intriguing. The majority of young adult users find it easier to express their emotions and honest opinions in the form of a status update than personal face to face. These are just some facts suggesting that social media have a great impact on out psyche and emotional life. “Facebook depression” came up as a phrase used in one recent large-scale study focused on the influence of social networking when higher rates of depression and anxiety were detected and linearly linked to using these websites. The term is not an official diagnose yet, but many psychiatrists recognized the connection between Internet use and depression among young Americans. The theory is that social media contributes these illnesses in three major ways: by influencing self – esteem, exposing youngsters to bullying and promoting comparison with others.

University of Pittsburgh research associates social networking outlets with psychology issues

Scientists at this School of Medicine conducted recently the first big study testing the connection between depression and time spent on social websites.The research included nearly 2000 young adults aged between 19 and 32. The participants answered various questions about eleven most popular social media and their personal habits online.The revealed intriguing results showed that total amount of time spent online was linearly associated with expressed symptoms of depressive feelings, apathy or anxiety. It is believed that frequent and continuous exposure to an idealized picture of other people’s lives promotes feelings of envy and distorted impressions of lower personal value.Since cross – section researches do not distinguish cause and the consequence; it is hard to say if negative impact of social media provokes depression or depressive adults turn to social media in the quest for a solution, self-help or distraction.

Depressive users of virtual world settled in high – income regions

Some aspects of the study revealed environmental conditions associated with certain profiles of internet users.

The vulnerable group being at high risk of developing Internet depression usually consists of young adults coming from well-situated families. Opposite to that, a vulnerable group among elders usually includes low-income housewives, but the statistics are not clear and convincing enough.

How To Keep Your Body Healthy?

Keeping ourselves healthy can be hard with all the junk food and unhealthy lifestyle we are living. But being persistent and avoiding the bad habits that the modern society offers us with all that commercials for fast food, sodas filled with sugar and candies that are not just bad for health but teeth also, brings us closer to achieving a healthy life. So here are some tips on how to stay healthy.

Do your exercise daily?

As soon as you get out from bed start stretching, you can see that animals like cats and dogs do this on a regular daily basis.

Stretching your body relaxes the muscles and benefits the blood flow and circulation. Only 5 to 10 minutes of morning exercise can do wonders to your health.

Don’t forget about breakfast

This should be the most important meal of the day and should contain all the necessary ingredients to start your day. Begin with a variety of vegetables, then continue on fruit mix them all together and make a salad that is full of greens that your body deserves. Vitamins and protein are refreshing for the body and as a reward, you will feel energized and ready to start your day.

Brush your teeth properly

Brushing your teeth the wrong way can leave your gums bleeding and can lead to bad breath. Use the right technique and don’t apply to much force when brushing your teeth. Just because you brush harder doesn’t mean your teeth will be cleaner. Cleaning your tongue is also very important, most of the germs are on the tongue, relieving your mouth from them will make you with a healthy and confident smile.

Don’t forget about calcium

Drink dairy products that contain calcium like milk and yogurt –fruit. Calcium is important not just for the bones but for overall health. Drinking a glass of milk, for example, per day will leave a great impact on your health.

Hydrate yourself

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, especially on those hot summer days. Around 75 percent, while some research mention 80 percent, of our body is water. Drinking 3 to 4 liters per day will keep your body hydrated and ready for any task that you may come up with. If you can’t drink that much water, try adding some flavor by dropping a couple of lemon slices or frozen fruits to your water. This way you will add flavor and natural sugar to your water.

Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C

We all know that sour fruits like lemons, apples and grapefruits are extremely healthy and full of vitamin C.

But vegetables also contain this precious vitamin, capsicum, for example, has twice as much vitamin C than lemon per say. Grapefruits are, despite their bitter and sour taste, extremely healthy and great for fighting the flu. Adding only one grapefruit in your breakfast will keep your healthy resistant to any virus or flu that might roam in the workplace, keeping you secure and safe.

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