Six Tips to Lose Weight for Teenagers

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For teenagers shedding unwanted pounds can be both physically and mentally straining. Besides it can lead to several life-threatening illnesses like type two diabetes, elevated blood pressure, breathing issues to mention a few. This post sheds more light on the simple ways to lose weight quickly for teenagers.

Take cocoa

You should have a daily dose of cocoa and ensure that you reduce your sugar intake. Studies show that cocoa is rich in antioxidants compared to most foods and its excellent for most things including weight loss. You don’t have to struggle much lose weight ensure that you include cocoa in your diet as the experts suggest.

Reduce salt intake

vegetable saltIf you are not losing weight despite doing your best, then the chances are that you are consuming a lot of salt. Research shows that salt promotes water retention within the body and perhaps that is the principal reason the numbers on the scale are not dropping down. And that is not all. Salt also makes you feel hungry quickly. Yes, you heard me right! The more salt you eat, the more food you will consume. For this reason, try as much as possible to avoid processed foods like the plague because they are filled with salt. When you reduce your sodium intake, you won’t have a puffy face or a swollen belly. Nutritionists advise that you should replace processed foods with natural foods from your diet.

Chew food properly

Believe it or not, those who eat quickly weigh more than slow eater. It might sound funny but its the ugly truth. Your stomach requires about a half an hour before it sends signals to your brain that you are full. If you eat quickly, the chances are that you might overeat because you will consume more food than required by your body within those thirty minutes. For this reason, you should avoid rushing your meals and eat slowly. Also, don’t forget to chew your food correctly to fasten the process of digestion.


Regular physical activity promotes quick weight loss, particularly among teenagers. Hit the gym, walk, jog, swim and even go for dancing classed to regulate your weight. When exercising always remember not to strain your body as you start because you might get injured. Experts advise that you should increase the intensity of your workouts gradually and not instantly to keep injuries at bay.

Eat at home

You are more likely to eat starch foods with saturated fats when you go to parties or events. Prepare a light snack at home to avoid eating unhealthy foods that will wash all your weight loss efforts down the drain.

glass of water

Drink more water

Weight loss experts suggest that you should drink at least two liters of water daily if you want to lose weight fast. Water has been shown to increase the feeling of satiety and revs up your metabolism to promote the burning of excessive fats. If you have not been drinking water, then make sure that you drink at least eight glasses daily to get that body that you have always desired.

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